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Switchboards and electrical panels

With its 1000m² workshop, equipped by a 4 tons cranelift, ECV designs and realizes all shapes and sizes of cabinets, panels and switchboards.
We can produce large sets as well as customized projects.

Low-Voltage Switchboards
■  Detachable drawers
■  Detachable plates
■  Fixed

Switchboards motor starters and distribution of energy
■  Intensity up to 6300A
■  Service Index : 111 to 333
■  Shape : 1 à 4b

Other realizations:
  Monitoring & control: integration of PLCs, man-machine interfaces, automation and monitoring components
■  Power electronics
  Distribution in addition to our Main Low-Voltage Boards

Our offer :
■  Calculations and dimensioning
■  Drawings
■  Final Acceptance Test in our workshop
■  Commissioning on site
■  On site interventions and repairs

We have experience with most of the standard materials: Rittal, Schneider, Cubic…

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  • Nouvel atelier de câblage